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Maui Electric Bikes: Buying Online vs Buying Local

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity, surpassing all other categories of bicycles, and for good reason. With an electric bike, headwind, hills, and other obstacles are not as challenging, making it easier for you to travel a greater distance without getting as tired as you would riding a standard bike.

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

If you are shopping for an e-bike, here are a few tips from RideSmart Maui in Hawaii for finding the perfect bicycle for exploring Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua, and beyond!

1. Research the various electric bikes on the market

E-bikes utilize the same parts as a customary bike, handling and pedaling the same as well. The electronic bicycle certainly has a lot in common with a traditional bicycle, but there are several differences as well. E bikes have electrical components integrated seamlessly into the design, including a battery, a controller, and a motor.

Before you purchase an e bicycle, assess your goals. Are you experimenting with a new hobby for the summer? Or are you investing in a long-term commitment to decreasing your carbon footprint and increasing your fitness? If so, look for a green bike that features a high-quality motor, as it will do a better job than many poorly-designed models that are popular online. Shop for electronic bikes with a long-lasting, reliable battery, which will deliver more power than inexpensive bicycles, retaining a charge for longer as well.

2. Research the retailer

After you’ve done your research, you may still be uncertain about which e-bicycle is the best fit for you until you see it in person, which makes it even more important to do research on the shop you’ll buy your e-bike from. You may find that several websites carry the electric bicycle you are interested in, as well as your local bicycle shop. Consider the following when deciding on a retailer:

  • Does the retailer book free e-bike test rides?
  • Is there an electric bike specialist on staff that you can consult with?
  • Do they offer more than one reputable brand of electronic bicycle?
  • Does the shop offer tours or group ride so beginners can ride with experts as they get familiar with their new e bicycle?
  • Has the shop received good reviews?
  • Can they provide service for your electric bicycle after the sale?

For the bargain hunter, there are dozens of online electric bike shops and websites that often offer special pricing and other enticing bargains. Unfortunately, that attractive price tag often comes at a price, as inexpensive brands manufacturer mass amounts of poor quality e-bikes. In the event that something needs to be repaired or replaced, online shops selling generic electric bicycles can be more trouble than the deal was worth, as they are unable to provide the necessary service.

Buying a reputable e-bicycle brand from a local business that you can trust is worth the peace of mind, as they often offer financing, special manufacturer discount pricing, and reliable service.

3. Visit a local bike shop

Visit a local bicycle shop that specializes in electric bike rental and sales, as they will be well versed on e-bikes.

Whether you’ll be riding on the road or the trails, investing in a high-quality electric bike means investing in your safety. The professionals at your local bike shop can explain the features of various electric bicycles that they sell, ride, and service, so you can stay safe while enjoying your new bike. Once you find the perfect e-bike for you, the experts at a local shop will do a tune-up, and inspect specific items before determining that your new electric bicycle is ready to ride.

Still not sure which electric bike will fit your needs and lifestyle? Call RideSmart Maui or Book Now to go on an ebike test ride. It is a fun way to get a feel for the features and handling of the bike you are interested in!