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Owning & Renting an E-bike in Maui

Why own or rent an e-bike & types available by RideSmart


Maui electric bicycle rentals are growing in popularity here on the island. If you’re ready to see what all the buzz is about while exploring Maui on an e-bike, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to own or rent an e-bike for recreation or commuting, you can avoid the hassles of car ownership such as parking and traffic and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint too!


1. Your e-bike rental is environmentally responsible.

Your rental is a greener transportation and recreation choice and one of the most sustainable ways to get around. Reduce your carbon footprint and have fun doing it!

2. Different skill or fitness levels? No problem!

You don’t have to be a top athlete to reap the health benefits of riding an electric bike either. Around 50% of people who buy e-bikes don’t consider themselves “cyclists”. Often, they are simply individuals who appreciate how the electric bike’s small motor gives them a moderate workout. If you’re friends with a fast cyclist who always invites you to ride with them, hop on your electric bike, switch on the electric assist, and have a blast exploring a new route.

3. An e-bike is a wonderful alternative to a car rental

Whether you are trying to get around Lahaina, or find parking in Ka’anapali, an e-bike rental might just be able to get you there more quickly than a car! An e-bike is a wonderful alternative to searching for parking or sitting in traffic. Not to mention, the vacation dollars you will save by not spending on car rentals, insurance and gas!

a person riding a bicycle on a beach
a man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

4. Get off the beaten path with all-terrain

E-bikes have an electric motor, allowing you to travel at faster speeds than you would on a standard bicycles and giving you the flexibility to toggle between levels of assistance. You can decide when and if you want to get a workout or let your e-bike do the work! Pedal out as far as you can, and switch to electric mode to get back home.

5. The E-bike is a convenient source of moderate exercise

With an e-bike, your mode of transportation is also your workout, burning up to 350 calories per hour, improving your cardiovascular fitness and decreasing your blood pressure. The e-bike is a low-impact way to get moderate exercise without putting too much stress on your joints. As a bonus, the extra time spend outside will boost your vitamin D levels and your mood.

6. E bikes are fast and safe.

Areas once regarded as challenging and even off-limits for cycling become more accessible with an electric bike. That difficult trail you always thought was too far away to get to on your road bike? Now you can work up a sweat pedalling out to it, and then switch to electric mode to get back to town.


Whether you’re ready to enjoy an epic ride around Maui, get some exercise while you’re on vacation, or just explore the little beach town down the road, RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes is here to help you find the perfect ride for your transportation and recreation needs. You came to the right place to learn about e-bikes!

RideSmart Maui E-bikes offer: Comfort cruiser e-bikes, Commuter e-bikes, All Terrain e-bikes, Hybrid e-bikes, Fat tire e-bikes, Cargo e-bikes, Mountain e-bikes (MTBS), Full Suspension e-bike (FS), Folding e-bikes, and Tandem e-bikes


Comfort / Hybrid Electric Bikes

Inspired by road bikes, hybrid electric bicycles (or comfort bikes) provide a design that is comfortable for riders using their bike primarily for transportation and commuting.

Hybrid electric bikes feature wheels that are wider than a road bike’s wheels for improved handling. To help riders come to a stop when traveling on busy urban roads, many hybrid bikes are equipped with disc brakes. It is common for hybrid e-bikes to have handlebars that are extended or flat. Compared to the drop handlebars of many road bikes, flat or extended handlebars make hybrid bikes easier to control.

Additionally, hybrid electric bicycles have a laid-back seat position, making them significantly more comfortable to ride. For riding the West Maui Loop (WML) , nothing is more perfect than a hybrid electric bike. The ride is a 60-mile loop around the West Maui mountains that includes stunning scenery and varied terrain.

Favorite Features:
-Wide wheels for improved handling
-Comfortable, laid-back seat
-Disc brakes for safe stopping on busy urban roads
-Flat or extended handlebars instead of drop handlebars for easy control.

Best for:
Long-distance rides such as the popular West Maui Loop, a 60-mile loop around the West Maui Mountains with breathtaking views and varied terrain.

All-Terrain Electric Bikes (ATBs) | Mountain E-Bikes (MTB’s) | Full Suspension Mountain E-Bike (FS)

Intended for rides on challenging terrains and mountainous country, all-terrain bikes provide the ideal balance of control, comfort, and efficiency. All-terrain bicycles feature fat tires and a sturdy frame, making them perfect for the majority of riders.
Maui roads can be in rough shape, which makes ATBs a great choice for anyone traveling the island by bike.

With enough cushion in the suspension to keep you protected on gnarly terrain, ATB’s can also absorb bigger hits that would otherwise be jarring and unpleasant when riding. The lightweight nature of an all-terrain bicycle means more ease and efficiency when climbing to the top of a challenging hill. All-terrain bicycles are also well-suited for anyone exploring one of our mountain bike parks.

Favorite Features:
-Flat tires for muddy terrain
-Cushioned suspension to absorb bigger hits
-Sturdy and light-weight frame for more ease and efficiency when climbing hills

Best for:

If you plan to go off-roading or explore one of our mountain parks, ATB’s, Full-Suspension, or MTB’s are the best choice. Some riders even prefer them for road riding on poor quality surfaces that experience clay runoff after rainfall.

Folding E-Bicycles

Folding electric bikes are growing in popularity because they are one of the most versatile and convenient vehicles for commuting and traveling!

Folding electric bikes offer the convenience of having a bicycle that collapses down to fit in your suitcase and unfolds when you’re ready to enjoy a 20-mile ride along the Maui coastline.

They have relatively small wheels and a petite frame, but don’t let their size fool you! A lower surface area and smaller wheels allow you to hit faster speeds at a quicker rate than a standard bike would.

Favorite features:
Small wheels and a lower surface area that allows you to hit faster speeds more quickly
A folding, light-weight frame for ease of storage and transport

Best for:

If you like to move around a lot or have limited space. Folding e-bike riders love the convenience of having a bicycle that collapses down to fit in your apartment or the trunk of your car and unfolds when you’re ready to enjoy a 20-mile ride along the Maui coastline.

Cargo and Family E-Bikes

Cargo e-bikes are designed to accommodate you and your kids, as well as the week’s worth of groceries or travel gear you might be hauling. With electric assist, you don’t have to worry about how much work it might be to pedal such a heavy load around. Turn on your bike’s electric assist and get a boost on hills and a break when traveling longer distances.

Since it is more economical, environmentally-friendly, and family-friendly than other modes of transportation, a cargo e-bike or family bike is a smart investment, both short-term as a rental and long-term as a purchase.

Favorite features:
-Extra carrying capacity and use like your EBike SUV
-Kids carrier for children up to 6 years old
-Great options to carry surfboards and beach gear
-Large racks and baskets for delivery services or grocery shopping

Best for:

those looking to ride with their children or use their bike to run errands. Some visitors have even used their cargo bike in replace of a rental car, as a more environmentally-friendly and healthy transportation option.

Tandem E-Bikes

The tandem e-bike (twin bike) is designed to be ridden by 2 people. Like a standard bicycle, a tandem bike also has two wheels. But this electric bike is double the fun, with two seats instead of one, and four pedals instead of two!

Most tandem bikes require both riders to pedal at the same speed at relatively the same time, so you and your friend or spouse can enjoy working as a team but exerting less energy than you would if you had to pedal the bike using only your power.

If you are a bicycle and outdoor enthusiast, and have been looking for ways to share your passion with a significant other or family member who is a beginner, a tandem electric bike can be a great way to get you both on the road together. 

Favorite features:
-Same look and feel as a regular cruiser but with 2 seats, 2 sets of handlebars, and 4 pedals to accommodate 2 riders!

Best for:

those looking to share the fun and work as a team with their spouse, friend or child. It’s also great for 2 riders of different skill levels since it will allow you to stay together. It’s a nice bonding exercise and a great way to share your passion for cycling or the outdoors with someone else!