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About RideSmart Maui

Why Choose RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes?

Don’t waste a minute of your time on Maui trying to figure out what type of e-bike to rent and where to ride. RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes specializes in providing you with the perfect e-bike for your next adventure! We offer self-guided e-bike tours, which include a brief orientation and your Maui e- bike rental, helmet, and lock. You can book an e-bike self-guided tour or even take a guided e-bicycle tour with RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes so you feel comfortable on your bike rental before taking off on your adventure.

Since its inception in 2014 as the first professional electric bike shop on Maui, RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes has continued to provide nothing less than stellar service to the local community. Book your Maui bike rentals with the best on the island!

Why we’ve got the perfect e-bike for you:

  1. RideSmart Maui offers a variety of e-bikes to ride for pleasure, exercise, commuting, transportation, and more! We select e-bikes that are best-suited to handle Maui’s varied terrain including, Comfort & Hybrid E-Bikes, All-Terrain E-Bikes (ATBs), Folding E-Bikes, Cargo and Family E-Bikes, and Tandem E-Bikes.
  2. As a boutique electric bike retailer, we focus strictly on state-of-the-art e-bike sales and rentals. This allows us to be experts specifically on electric bikes.
  3. Committed to the latest technology and electric bike education, our owners and founders travel to prominent e-bike trade shows and conventions nationally – bringing extensive electric-bicycle knowledge back to the island. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to help you safely explore our island’s beautiful sites and trails.
  4. RideSmart Maui strives to serve our local community. We understand that an e-bike purchase is a long-term investment and a perfect transportation solution for Maui to reduce the ever-growing traffic congestion. We offer cost-effective solutions to e-bike ownership, including reselling our e -bikes rental fleet to our at an affordable price. Learn more, or get on the waitlist by filling out a form: Contact Us.
a man riding a bike down a dirt road

RideSmart Maui is Socially Responsible

  • We advocate for reducing the carbon footprint on Maui
  • By using an ebike, riders contribute to cleaner air quality in Maui, as electric bikes produce no exhaust fumes and help reduce the harmful pollutants released by traditional vehicles.
  • Riding an ebike promotes sustainable tourism on the island, as it allows visitors to explore Maui’s natural beauty without negatively impacting the environment, supporting local businesses while preserving the natural resources for future generations.
  • Electric bikes consume far less energy per mile compared to cars, making them an environmentally friendly transportation option. As Maui continues to invest in renewable energy sources, the environmental benefits of ebike use will only increase.

Maui Bicycle League Advocacy – West Maui Greenway

West Maui Greenway Bike Path Exploration

a man riding a bike down a dirt road

More Reasons RideSmart Maui is right for you!

  • Island living can make purchasing bicycles and bike parts challenging and expensive. Our team diligently researches and sources e-bicycles that offer the best quality for an affordable price. We carefully vet manufacturers and brands before introducing them in Maui. You can learn more about the e-bicycle brands that RideSmart Maui carries here.
  • We offer a mobile e-bike delivery van to serve West Maui, Kihei, Wailea, Kahului, Wailuku, Paia, Pukalani, Makawao, Kula, Haiku Pukalani, and surrounding areas for an additional fee.

Ready To Find My Perfect E-Bike! What Do I Do Next?

If you’re ready to see what all the buzz is about and explore our beautiful island on an e bicycle, then we’re here to help! Our friendly and professional staff are ready to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the right fit for your transportation and recreation needs.

  • Contact RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes to speak with one of our friendly e-bike experts from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Mon-Fri or fill out an online form for more information or to get on the waitlist for used E-bikes
  • Browse our website to learn more about our special e-bike promotions
  • Or go right ahead and book your FREE test ride or E-bike consult today!