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How to maximize your e-bike battery range

a person riding on the back of a car

As electric bikes have grown in popularity, their technology, features and the overall capabilities has improved drastically. This includes the total range of the battery, or the distance a rider is able to travel on a single charge. Being familiar with the e-bike’s range estimate and efficient riding practices helps avoid those 0% battery situations. There are a few tips and tricks you should be aware of that will help you maximize your battery, ride more efficiently, and make the most out of each ride!

a person riding on the back of a car


The maximum distance you’ll be able to ride on a single charge varies based on several factors:

  • the type of e-bike you are riding
  • the terrain and incline level
  • your weight and heigh​t
  • level of pedal assistance
  • use of gear system
  • the wind speed


How far will you ride? Use the Bosch e-bike range calculator to estimate the total range for your next e-bike ride. You’ll be able to see how the total range will change based on the several factors listed above.


There are several riding techniques you can adopt that can help make your battery last longer, so you can travel farther:

  • Pedal with use of gears and pedal assist. When you pedal, your bike uses less battery power, when you don’t pedal your bike uses more power.
  • Riding uphill: make sure you are on a lower gear level and use pedal assist as needed. A higher gear will require a higher level of pedal assist and you will end up using more of the battery.
  • Riding downhill: do not use pedal assist! Gravity is your friend here. Cruise down the hill and save the battery for the next incline.
  • Riding on flat surfaces: conserve battery by using a medium-level gear and less pedal assist.

Battery maintenance tips:

To maintain good battery health, you’ll also want to:

  • When you plug it in, connect the charger to the battery first. Then, you can plug it into the wall.
  • If you just went for a ride, wait 20-30 minutes until your electric bike cools before charging it up.
  • Don’t let the battery get down to zero (if you can help it!). Using a partial charge will put less stress on the battery and extend the overall life.
  • On the flip-side, you’ll also want to avoid over-charging! Unplug your e-bike when it’s done.
  • Stay away from extreme temperatures and keep the battery dry. It can be rainy here in Hawaii, so we recommend keeping it in a garage or covered storage area.
  • Understand your battery and charger and follow the recommendations detailed in your manual. Electric bicycle battery life is calculated in charge cycles. It’s based on the number of full charges (from zero to 100%) the battery can undergo before losing effectiveness.
  • If you are storing the e-bike for a long period of time, aim to keep the battery level at 40-80%.

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Get riding!

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