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Electric Bike-Free Test Ride

RideSmart Maui, HI

Quick Details

Free Test Ride

See what the buzz is all about. Book a free test ride!

Electric bikes have been growing in popularity and if you still haven’t had a chance to ride one, be sure to take one for a test ride – we promise you’ll love it!

On this 1/2-hour Test Ride, you will: learn features, functionality, and how to operate an E-Bike, i.e. how to use paddle assist and throttle. You will get a chance to ride and get comfortable riding an e-bike. There will be plenty of time to ask questions from one of our E-Bike specialists.

What’s included?

Test Ride will include E-Bike, helmet, and orientation of an electric bicycle.

Beginner Riders please consider the following:

  1. Ask for an evaluation test ride before renting the e-bike. Being able to properly balance, get on, get off a bike and ride making controlled tight turns under your own power as well as pedal assist is critical.
  2. If you are not confident following your evaluation test ride either cancel before the 24 hours or switch to a tandem bike. You can also rent an e-bike for 2 hours to practice before the group ride to get comfortable.
  3. Rent a Tandem bike (2 people on one bike) utilizing an experienced rider as the lead rider.
  4. Hire a guide to take you on a tandem.

Do you really want to experience how much fun you can have on an electric bike? Try our free bike ride!

Need assistance or have questions? Please call us.


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