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Climate-Friendly Tips from RideSmart Maui Electric Bikes

a person riding on the back of a bicycle

5 climate-friendly actions you can take right now that will make a difference:

Around the world, our way of living is overheating the earth, contaminating freshwater, and polluting clean air and topsoil. That’s why so many dedicated climate activists are participating in rallies and marches as part of this week’s Global Climate Strike. Through this movement, they are demanding bold and urgent action to solve the climate crisis and end the age of fossil fuels. But you don’t have to participate in a rally to make some significant changes.

a flock of seagulls standing on a rocky beach

From riding electric bicycles to using reef-safe sunscreens, ​RideSmart Maui Electric has 5 climate-friendly actions you can take right now that will make a difference:

1. Save the Ocean

Like all islands, the ocean is vital to life here on Maui. Whether you live in Lahaina, or exploring Kaanapali, or visiting Kapalua, you can help protect the health of the ocean by skipping the single-use plastics (shopping bags, straws, etc.) as they often end up in our waters, where they threaten marine life and destroy ecosystems.

And everyone who plans to swim in the ocean should keep the reefs safe by using sunscreens that are free of octinoxate and oxybenzone, which are extremely harmful to fragile coral reefs.

2. Consume Less Gas by Trading your Vehicle in For an Electric Ride

Our trains, planes, and automobiles are almost entirely fueled by diesel, gasoline, and other fossil fuels, but these fuels that we are so dependent on are a considerable source of pollution. The ocean alone has absorbed 90% of the excess heat from the burning of fossil fuels over the past half-century.

Research shows that decreasing or eliminating travel in a gas-guzzling vehicle that runs on fossil fuels is an incredible way to minimize your carbon footprint. So just how will you get around? Consider a car or bicycle that runs on electricity! ​

According to experts, there can be an 11% reduction overall in carbon emissions by 2050 if standard bikes and electric bicycles are used for 14% of travel in cities around the world. The environmental benefits are huge, as there are no greenhouse gas emissions that come directly from an electric car or an electric bike.

At RideSmart Maui, we provide an alternative to fossil fuels for both transportation and recreation. Our e-bicycles are a solution that saves gas money, decreases pollution and global warming emissions, and riding them isn’t as physically demanding as pedaling a traditional bike.

By traveling on a Maui ebike, you can significantly reduce your individual carbon footprint while enjoying the sites. Curious if an electric bike might be a good fit for you? Call us or Book Now to go on an e-bicycle test ride.

3. Save Energy Through Water Management

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 9 billion gallons of water are used every day for residential outdoor water use in the U.S. alone, primarily for landscape irrigation. Water that should be used for human consumption is being wasted on watering lawns, but sustainable landscape designs can cut down on water usage and encourage a healthy residential environment.

For a more sustainable approach to water management, homeowners can use rain gardens and rain barrels to collect and purify water. Reclaiming or recycling water by transforming wastewater into water that can be reused for other purposes encourages more sustainable practices. The water is often reused for garden and lawn irrigation, or groundwater and surface water replenishment.

Through water recycling, you can save energy while helping your town or city conserve water.

a man riding a bike down a dirt road

4. Shop Local

Shopping locally really does have an effect on the environment! Local businesses make it possible for their customers to buy products and services without leaving their own community. Shoppers can ride their electric bike or even walk to their local market, conserving the air quality of their community rather than polluting it with emissions. While large retailers have substantial food waste due to items going bad before they are sold and have to package the items that are actually purchased, produce sold by local farmers requires little to no packaging and waste is minimized.

By purchasing produce locally, farmers in your community can stay in business. Their success decreases the chance that farmers will sell their land to developers, who often transform it into malls and office parks, devastating the local wildlife there.

5. Make Your Next Vacation a Sustainable Adventure!

As the negative impacts of mass tourism on beautiful destinations around the world are a growing concern, the interest in sustainable tourism is growing. Solving the climate crisis and ending the age of fossil fuels is not a one-week event. It is a lifestyle! And at RideSmart Maui, we are committed to more environmentally-friendly practices in the travel industry, protecting the natural and cultural heritage of Hawaii, and supporting our local communities and businesses.

Located on Maui, our e-bike shop rents and sells e bicycles to residents of Kapalua, Lahaina, and visitors to Maui who want to travel and experience the island while being eco-conscious. By renting a Maui electric bike, you can experience the sights and sounds of Hawaii on a green bike, and you won’t even have to spend money on filling up the gas tank before returning your rental!