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Maui Electric Bikes: Uses and Benefits


Here at RideSmart Maui, we’re passionate about e-bicycles because they offer the best of both worlds. They’re better for the environment than a car, while also eliminating most of the common disadvantages to cycling including hilly terrain, longer journeys. and high winds. Whether your intention is recreational use, exercise or transportation, the opportunities are endless and we guarantee you’ll find a time and a place to utilize an ebike while residing in or visiting Kihei, Lahaina, and the many other beautiful places on Maui. Participating in one of our fun, self-guided tours is the best way to learn about their benefits.



Good for You – E-bikes are for everyone. Whether you’re a daily rider or haven’t been on a bike in years, there is a time and a place for a RideSmart Maui e-bike. They cater to you and the purpose of your ride. Want to commute without getting sweaty? Looking for a better work out? Simply adjust the assistance and the same bike can provide a completely different experience.
Save money on gas, parking and car maintenance, and go faster and farther than a standard bicycle.

Good for your Health – E-bikes are the new fun way to exercise, unlocking myriad health benefits and serving as a tool to help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of disease. Getting an e-bike can dramatically increase how often you exercise, according to a recent North American survey of nearly 1,800 e-bike owners. Before owning an e-bike, 55% of survey respondents said they rode a bike daily or weekly. That number soared to 91% riding daily or weekly after purchasing an e-bike.

In addition to improving the health of your body, exercise is also a proven way to benefit the health of your mind by boosting your mood and reducing stress levels. Most importantly, e-bikes are an easy, comfortable and convenient way to enjoy time outside with your loved ones. We dare you to find a person on an ebike who is riding without a smile.

Olivia Frank standing next to a bicycle

Good for the Environment – Cycling is a proven way to reduce carbon emissions and relieve traffic congestion and noise pollution. Because they don’t burn any fuel, electric bicycles do not release any gases to the atmosphere like motorbikes or cars. In fact, an e-bike’s carbon footprint is just 2.6-5 grams of CO2 per mile (depending on the source of the electricity), compared to 150 grams for most electric cars. Of the millions of car journeys people do, 50% are under three miles, a distance easily attained on an ebike. Incorporating alternative modes of transportation is a perfect step in preserving the ‘aina and conserving our beautiful island. If you love nature, a 2 hour self-guided tour is one of the best ways to experience some of the most beautiful landscapes Maui has to offer.

Good for the Community – More cyclists means more interactions at the street level, bringing riders to new businesses and facilitating a positive community. Cyclists are more likely to notice that little boutique or cafe that a driver might have missed speeding by in their car, helping our local businesses increase sales and boost exposure. E-bikes will continue to make our beautiful island a happier and healthier place to live and visit. 

May is Bike Month – what a perfect opportunity to give a RideSmart Maui ebike a test ride and see if it’s right for you!  Choose one of  our self-guided tour options and cruise with your friends through some of Maui’s most interesting places including Ka’anapali, Kapalua, Lahaina and  Napili Bay.