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Informative Articles

Buying a used e-bike

Buying a used electric bike can be a convenient way to score a bargain! It is recommended to buy used equipment from a reputable bike shop, instead of looking for a pre-owned or refurbished one online. That way, you’ll be able to ask the experts questions, go for a test ride and avoid unwanted surprises….

Biking the West Maui Loop

The famous West Maui Loop is a challenging 60 mile ride around West Maui. It offers gorgeous views, steep climbs (4000’ elevation gain!) and varied landscapes. This ride offers epic views of both the mountains and the coastlines, with Maui, Molokai and Lanai visible in the distance. Famed as one of the best 10 bike…

I bought an e-bike…now what?

Three basic (but important!) cycling accessories to add to your ​e-bike purchase. 1. Helmet – protect your noggin! Head protection is the single most important accessory you can buy as a cyclist. In addition to selling e-bikes, we are happy to offer a small variety of cost-effective helmet models to suit your cycling needs. Before…