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I bought an e-bike…now what?

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Three basic (but important!) cycling accessories to add to your ​e-bike purchase.

1. Helmet – protect your noggin!

Head protection is the single most important accessory you can buy as a cyclist. In addition to selling e-bikes, we are happy to offer a small variety of cost-effective helmet models to suit your cycling needs. Before you purchase any helmet, be sure to check the size and product safety ratings.
text a close up of a helmet
Diamondback and Aerius helmets are perfect for cyclists of all fitness levels and abilities. These popular models offer comfort and high performance at low price points. Serious cyclers developed this sleek, foldable model after a serious accident in NYC. The result is a breathable, thoughtfully-designed helmet that folds, making it easier than ever to stash in a bag and carry around.

2. Lock – protect your bike

Keep your equipment safe with a heavy-duty lock. Our customers love these models:
chainlock for bicycles chainlock for bicycles
This premium lock is made of 8mm thick square chain links made of specially hardened steel, and the safest “Plus” disc cylinder offered by Abus. The chain (vs a u-lock) offers more flexibility and reach, allowing you to lock your e-bike to a wider range of objects. This inexpensive, lightweight, cable is pick, pull and drill resident. It self-coils for easy storage and unlocks with a combo so you don’t have to worry about carrying keys!

3. Liner & Slime – prevent flat tires

Prevent flat tires. Kiawe trees thorns, debris and other sharp objects can puncture your tires and cut your ride short. Adding some liner and slime is a low-cost way to prevent simple punctures. The necessary liner varies based on the size and type of your e-bike, ranging from $30 – $75. Applying the liner is a bit of a process, so we’re happy to do the liner installation for an additional charge.
We offer other tune-ups and other services to help you properly maintain your electric bike for years to come. Here are some basic maintenance practices we recommend all riders consider.

4. Trunk Bag (optional)

While not a necessity, Trunk bags are popular cycling accessories that offer a safe, water-repellant place to stash your keys, wallet and other items. Our Topeak bags come with rear water bottle holders to keep you hydrated.

A few easy to-do’s to complete before your first ride

1. Register your new bike

All bicycles that have two tandem wheels that are 20 inches or more in diameter and all mopeds are required to be registered. You can pick up the registration from us and then take it to the DMV. The permanent registration fee is now $35.

2. Register bike with manufacturer for warranty

Most frames come with a lifetime warranty, and a minimum one-year warranty on individual parts. Be sure to register your bike on the manufacturers website to qualify for this protection. The specifics of each warranty are dependent on the manufacturer. We’re happy to provide more information about product warranty’s before you place your order.