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E-Bike Family Fun Day – Launiupoko Beach

Self-guided E-Bike Tour, RideSmart Maui, HI

Quick Details

Mini Fat Tire One Person
Cruiser (step thru) One person
Cargo Touring (step thru) One Person
All Terrain One Person
Hybrid Touring One Person
Cargo & Family Bike (step thru) 1 adult and 1 Child depending on weight and age
Tandem CALL TO BOOK • Two People

Embark on a family-sized fun e-bike adventure to Launiupoko Beach on our self-guided tour

A family e-bike ride might just be one of the most memorable experiences from your Maui vacation. It’s a unique way to enjoy Maui’s beauty, while getting exercise, avoiding traffic and having fun!

The electric bike makes it very easy to stay together, even among different skill and fitness levels. Faster and stronger riders can simply use a lower level of pedal assistance. Plus, we have cargo bikes to transport small children, as well as tandem bikes that make it even easier to ride with a buddy.

The 14-mile ride to and from Launiupoko Beach is the longer of our two self-guided tour options and you should plan on spending at least 4 hours from start to finish.

On this 4-hour self-guided tour:

Enjoy the Valley Isle without worrying about parking, gas prices, or exhaust emissions. Explore the wonderful History and Culture of Lahaina to family fun day at Launiupoko Beach, all from an electric-powered bike that takes the sting out of bike riding and enables the rider to experience and enjoy the coastal trail, Lahaina history and fun day at the Launiupoko Beach.

This activity will create an unforgettable travel experience for your entire family.

  • How does the bike pickup and return work?
    If you select the 8:30 am tour, you can pick up the bike at 8:30 am. The total time allocated for the self-guided tours is 4 hours. Bikes must be returned by 12:30 pm. If you select the 1:30 pm tour, you can pick up the bike at 1:30 pm. The total time allocated for the self-guided tours is 4 hours. Bikes must be returned by 5:30 pm.
    If you would like to explore Kapalua more, we recommend purchasing additional E-bike rental hours.
  • What’s included? A scenic map, helmet, bike lock, an Electric Bike, and special breakfast/lunch coupons by participating restaurants.
  • What Is Not Included?
    Food and beverages are not included. For your convenience, we offer special discounts with participating restaurants.
  • What is an e-bike rescue and what is covered?
    Bike rescue is a type of insurance you can add on when making your purchase. The $10 bike rescue fee covers: flat tires and electronics failures within a 7.5 mile radius of West Maui. Taking the bike north of Honolua Bay or south of Olowalu is considered OUTSIDE the West Maui boundaries and is not included. Please keep in mind: The bike rescue insurance must be purchased BEFORE your ride. If you encounter an issue outside of a 7.5 mile radius, an additional fee will be charged based on the distance. If the bike runs out of battery charge outside of the West Maui boundaries it is not covered under bike rescue.
  • Bike Sizing Chart Description of image


You may wish to enjoy one of the family-friendly attractions on the way to or from the beach park. If you plan to do one of these, be sure to book a full-day tour so you are not rushed. We recommend doing some research in advance to make sure the tour is open during the day and times you plan to visit and make reservations if possible. The summer months are busy on Maui and tours can fill up in advance.

  • Maui Bee Tour – participate in a hands-on honey workshop
  • Maui Dragon Fruit Farm – taste delicious exotic fruit and learn how to open a coconut
  • Paradise Eco Adventures – go on an exhilarating zip line ride or play in an aqua ball

Beginner Riders, please consider the following:

  1. Ask for an evaluation test ride before renting the e-bike. Being able to properly balance, get on, get off a bike and ride making controlled tight turns under your own power as well as pedal assist is critical.
  2. If you are not confident following your evaluation test ride, either cancel before the 24 hours or switch to a tandem bike. You can also rent an e-bike for 2 hours to practice before the group ride to get comfortable.
  3. Rent a Tandem bike (2 people on one bike) utilizing an experienced rider as the lead rider.
  4. Hire a guide to take you on a tandem.

E-Bike Route to Launiupoko Beach

E-Bike route to Launiupoko Beach


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