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Maui Electric Bicycles Offer More Sustainable Recreation and Transportation Options

a person riding a bicycle on a city street

In a perfectly sustainable world, vehicles that require gasoline for fuel would be extinct. Electric bikes and vehicles would transport us from point Lahaina to Kaanapali, and in between, we would consider how we have reduced our individual carbon footprint significantly by commuting on our electric bike. Or at the very least, we would not be worrying as much about the negative effects of climate change.

Can an electric bicycle really be a more sustainable mode of transportation?

According to experts, there would be an 11% reduction overall in carbon emissions by 2050 if bikes and e-bikes make up 14% of travel in cities worldwide. If you want to minimize your carbon footprint, research shows that reducing or eliminating travel in a gas-guzzling vehicle is a great way to do so.

Can an electric bike really replace your car?

For a more sustainable commute, consider taking an e bike to get from point A to point B. If you are concerned that the e-bicycle won’t get you there as fast as a car or truck could, that is technically true. Depending on where you live, you might legally be driving from 25 mph to 70 mph to get around.

On the other hand, most electric bikes stop providing electric assist while pedaling at 20 mph, however, some will provide assist going at speeds up to around 28 mph. But in the context of getting around a busy beach town, or bustling city, your bike might just be able to transport you from Kapalua to Lahaina
faster than a car!

Have you ever been stuck in rush-hour traffic, moving 5 mph for no apparent reason? You have been behind the car in front of you for so long, moving so slow, that you have memorized every bumper sticker on the back of it. And then it happens. Out of the corner of your eye, you see someone in the bike lane ride past your vehicle. You watch as this individual on a bicycle passes car after car until they are out of sight.

It might be your imagination, but it seems that they were smiling as they rode along on their motorized bike. It’s probably not your imagination. This individual was likely smiling, and for more reasons than the satisfaction they got from beating the other commuters home from work. They might be smiling because they don’t have to worry about the rising price of oil, and how they will afford gas at the pumps this week.

Or it might be the endorphins kicking in!

How many times have you driven your car to a gym or park for a workout?

What if you could skip the drive and your mode of transportation could also BE your workout? Well, it can! The physical benefits of riding an electric bicycle include burning approximately 350 calories per hour, and extending time spent outdoors. Being outdoors also has plenty of physical and mental health benefits, including increased doses of vitamin D through healthy exposure to sunlight, and decreased blood pressure.

Studies also suggest that spending as little as 20 minutes outside is enough time to lower stress levels, improving your mood and enhancing your health and wellness. And no, rolling down the windows of your SUV does not count as being outside.

The electrical bicycle is far more than just a bike with a motor. It is a sustainable means of transportation and recreation. It is an alternative to trying to find parking or being stuck in traffic. It is a more economical, ecological means of transportation that can decrease pollution, while increasing your daily dose of vitamin D. And the e-bike is a source of moderate exercise and a fantastic way to experience Maui, Hawaii!

So the next time you take your electric bike out for a spin, remember that you’ve chosen a fantastic option for sustainable recreation and transportation.